Peter Heath - Student Counsellor



Student Counsellor

Address: Lymington, SO410RX
Phone: 07583 864506


• Attentive and active listening
• A non-judgemental approach
• Respect for confidentiality and professional boundaries
• Resilience, patience and humility
• A genuine interest in others
• Authenticity, congruence
• A good team player
• A keen interest in PD
• A willingness to learn

Work-related stress

BACP student member

Running DBS















In November 2016, my wife, my daughter and I were shipwrecked in the Caribbean. It was time to stop sailing, come home and do something else. I decided on the helping professions. There was a need. Counselling would be a more useful occupation. Whilst waiting for the next intake, I studied Adult Social Care and Dementia Care.

January 2016 through lock-down:

• 88 Placement hours to date at Butterflies Bereavement in Eastleigh
• Person-centred Counselling and Psychology Student at City College, Southampton
• Counselling Student at Brockenhurst College, Hampshire
• Health Care Assistant at Hillyfield Rest Home, and Serendip Home Care, Milford on Sea
• Health Care Assistant at Lynden House, Lymington

At Brock, I studied Gerard Eagan (The Skilled Helper), Humanistic Counselling (Maslow, Rogers), The Therapeutic Relationship (Petrûska Clarkson), Counselling for Grief and Loss (Kübler-Ross), Couselling for Children and Young Adults (Winnecott), the Psychodynamic Approach (Freud), Object Relations (Klein), Attachment Theory (Bowlby), R.E.B.T (Ellis), Transactional Analysis (Berne).

At City College we study Rogers’ Person-centred Approach exclusively.

Studying counselling has been a positive, life-changing experience. Working in placement has been equally rewarding. I’ve helped clients ranging from teenagers to people in their mid-60's and I've been able to relate to all. My objective is to increase my placement time to 150 hours before honours.

The Therapeutic Relationship

My first experience of the therapeutic relationship was in dementia care. Whilst studying counselling, I worked freelance, with care homes. The use of unconditional positive regard and my listening skills enabled me to establish good relationships with my clients, many of whom were living with dementia.

I was able to be person-centred in my approach and I experienced advanced empathy and in some instances, communication at relational depth.

When I started placement I was familiar with making psychological contact with clients and my clients benefitted from my experience working with those in the care environment.


Certficate to Practice
AIM Level 3 Certificate in Counselling
AIM Level 2 Award in Counselling:
 • Skills Acquisition and Practice
 • Working with Children and Young People
 • Working with Grief and Loss
NCFE Level 2, Principles of Dementia Care
Preparing to work in Adult Social Care