Peter Heath MBACP
Southampton Counsellor & Psychotherapist

If you can't come for counselling in person or even if you just prefer not to I´m very happy to counsel you over the ´phone or on Zoom. The pandemic started it all and a lot of people not only liked it but preferred it that way. It saves travel time, you can do it from wherever you are and it´s effective. Is it as effective as meeting face to face? Well, it certainly worked during the pandemic. There wasn't another way. You could say it was a forced experiment. But it certainly was a successful one.

But do bear in mind that it doesn't have to be exclusively one way or the other. You can have meetings to suit your lifestyle. Some on the ´phone, some in person and some on Zoom.

I´ll make it work for you.

"It is astonishing how elements that seem insoluble become soluble when someone listens, how confusions that seem irremediable turn into relatively clear flowing streams when one is heard."
Carl Rogers, On Becoming a Person: A Therapist's View of Psychotherapy