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Peter Heath


You've arrived. Well, thanks for the visit. I'm constantly updating and never seem to reach the end. So it goes on. One day I'll reach the end and that will be that. So bear with me. Excuse the 'Lorem ipsums'. Email me if you want. It's on the left. If you're on a phone you will probably be annoyed. I plan to make a 'phone site one day, but not yet.
We're now living in the South of England, in the New Forest, and pretty happy. Sometimes we suspect we might be happier in Sint Maarten, or New York, or Cape Town, or somewhere else. But we chose to come back. Would we choose it again? I think so. On balance, we all think we like it here. It's home.
You Know.
But I have to tell you, we still have itchy feet.
Oh yes.