peter heath
Lemon and Eucalyptus

How to Make Lemon Eucalyptus Oil and Prevent Mosquito and Tick Bites

If you want to stay safe from DEET and other strong, toxic chemicals in most commercial repellents here's the way to do it:

Use 10% lemon eucalyptus oil (natural, pure is better) and mix it with a carrier oil, like a massage oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or alchohol, and rub it into exposed skin. Bugs hate it.

It's dead easy:

Choose a suitable size bottle. One with a spritzer or a spritzer nozzle is good. Clean it.

Choose your carrier oil or alcohol.

Measure accurately. 10% oil to 90% carrier. You can measure by volume or weight.

Spritz onto your skin and rub it in.

Storage and use:

Keep it in a cool, dark place, definitely out of direct sunlight.

If it gets in your eyes it'll sting like there's no tomorrow, so do be careful. Don't rub your eyes with oily, lemony fingers. Silly.

It lasts about 4 to 6 hours depending on whether you swim, sweat, or both, or just sit in the shade and read. The latter is recommended.

Be extra cautious if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Is Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Safe?

For most adults when applied to skin it's safe but as always it may be different for you. You are unique, remember? So take it easy, use a little first on a patch of skin somewhere and see how it goes. You might have a skin reaction. Although unlikely, it's possible. If all's well, you're good to go. But whatever you do, don't eat the damn stuff. It might kill you. Seriously.

It's not been tested on pregnant women or during breastfeeding so don't use it if you are.

Side Effects of Lemon Eucalyptus Oil?

Applied topically on your skin it not only prevents mosquito and deer tick bites, it may also help with reducing muscle spasms, toenail fungus, osteoarthritis and joint pain. It's also used as a chest rub to ease congestion. AND, unlike DEET products, made by our good friends in the multi-nationals, it smells nice. So apart from the fact you'll probably even live longer, you might attract something you weren't expecting. Now that could be fun.