peter heath
Peter Heath

Absolutely delicious home made marmalade

Wash 10 Seville oranges (or any others you choose). Cut them in half as if you were going to juice them, de-pip them, turn them inside out, pull off the flesh (no pith if possible) and put them in a pan. Remove the pith from the skins and cut the skins into strips. Do the same with one or two lemons. Add water (see recipe) and bring the lot to a slow boil for a few minutes, or until the peel is soft, then put the pot aside to cool. When it's cool put the mixture in the fridge for 12 to 18 hours. Relax..
Take the marmalade mixture out of the fridge and put it back on the stove-top. Add the sugar in the correct ratio (see recipe) and bring to a rolling boil. The temperature of the marmalade should reach 103ºC. That's fucking hot. Wear those yellow plastic protective gloves because the damn stuff bubbles and splashes everywhere. Whatever you do don't wear gloves that will absorb the moisture (ie. oven gloves) because you'll regret it big time. Absorbent gloves will hold the 103ºC jam against your skin and burn the shit out of you. It gets worse . . .